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Are you ready to sell land fast for cash? At Empowered Equity, we buy land with a fair cash offer. Whether you have a lot in Houston or acres outside of the city, call us today!

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    Who We Work With

    “I need to sell my land fast!” Does that sound familiar? If so, Empowered Equity is here to work with you. 

    Often, the clients we work with are landowners who are: 

    • Ready to retire
    • Facing dire financial crises 
    • Planning to reinvest the funds in a new project
    • Moving to a new location
    • Downsizing or upgrading to a more suitable property
    • Closing their business
    • Inheriting land from family or a business partner

    If you need to sell commercial land fast, contact the buyers at Empowered Equity Commercial Investments! We treat everyone with the dignity and respect they deserve. No matter your reason for selling, we are ready to help. 

    sell my land fast for cash

    Why Sell to Us?

    You receive countless benefits when you sell your commercial land to Empowered Equity! First, you avoid the obligations and hassle that go into traditionally selling land. Here’s a small sample of what you get to avoid: 

    • No need to shell out money for improvements, such as water or electrical connection, to attract a buyer 
    • One buyer instead of multiple potential buyers visiting for multiple viewings
    • Waiting ages for an interested buyer because we will let you know soon whether we’re interested
    • Dripping income in property taxes while you wait for a buyer or agent
    • Sharing your cash profit with an agent who decides how you sell your commercial land
    • Avoid the wait for mortgage approval because we have direct access to financing

    When we buy land in Houston, TX, and beyond, we work with you to determine the closing date. Partnering with our team saves you the headache of traditional sales.

    How It Works

    We leverage years of experience to provide an efficient process!

    Send Us Your Info

    Contact our team by phone or form and tell us a little about your land.

    Set an Appointment

    We research your land and meet you at the property to see it for ourselves.

    Get Paid

    We make an offer on your property. If you like the offer, we buy land directly from you.

    We Buy Commercial Land Throughout Texas

    Frequently Asked Questions
    About Selling Land

    Once we review the paperwork and conduct an assessment of your property, you receive a cash offer from our team within 72 hours. We understand and value your time, so we strive for a smooth, seamless experience when we buy land. 

    In certain cases, we provide a cash offer after viewing the property. This is our way to minimize how long you have to wait when you need to sell land fast.

    There are no size requirements for requesting an offer from our team. We buy commercial land lots of all sizes. Whether you have a ranch that spreads for acres or a small plot in the city, Empowered Equity is ready to make a cash offer!

    If you want to know how to sell land (by owner) without using a realtor, the fastest way is to sell your commercial land to an investment company. At Empowered Equity, we are experienced real estate investors. Often, property owners have a hard time selling land on their own. 

    Moreover, agents and brokers can bring unnecessary stress to the situation. Empowered Equity’s buyers facilitate the for-sale by owner (FSBO) sale to make the process simple. 

    “I want to sell my land fast and avoid the hassle of inspections, marketing, and waiting on a buyer’s mortgage to be approved!” We understand, and we are here to help. We buy commercial land for cash quickly and efficiently!

    We specialize in purchasing various types of commercial land, regardless of location, condition, or size. Whether you own an abandoned city lot or vast acres of farmland, Empowered Equity is ready to make you a competitive offer. There are no limitations to the kinds of commercial land we are interested in acquiring.

    Selling your commercial land directly to Empowered Equity offers numerous benefits. Firstly, you can avoid the hassle and responsibilities associated with the traditional selling process. By listing your property on the real estate market, you typically encounter:


    • Having to invest your own money in improvements, such as electrical and water connections, solely to attract potential buyers.
    • Incurring numerous out-of-pocket expenses, including inspections, appraisals, and marketing materials.
    • Hosting multiple viewings on your land for months, accommodating various potential buyers.
    • Waiting for months as potential buyers go through the approval process for commercial mortgages.
    • Sharing the profits with a real estate agent who determines how to sell land for you.
    • Enduring lengthy waiting periods for interested buyers to come forward.
    • Continuously paying property taxes for months, or even years, while attempting to sell your property.

    When you sell your land directly to Empowered Equity, you can close the transaction within days, avoiding these hassles. Say goodbye to the headaches of traditional selling. Instead, sell your land promptly by choosing Empowered Equity today.

    After you accept our cash offer, we provide you with a purchase contract for your review and signature. During the contract signing process, we work with you to determine a mutually convenient closing date.

    Once the contract is duly signed and the closing date is agreed upon, we initiate the transfer of funds to the designated title company within 72 hours. On the closing day, we arrange a meeting with the title company to finalize the necessary contracts. At this meeting, the title company facilitates the transfer of funds directly into your designated account.

    Certainly! If you want to sell land fast, Empowered Equity is interested in buying it. We are committed to providing a fair cash offer for your commercial land, regardless of its condition. 

    Our funds come from private and hard money lenders, enabling us to expedite the process without relying on traditional bank approvals.

    Unlike the conventional approach that involves waiting for inspections and appraisals to secure a bank loan, our investors at Empowered Equity bypass these steps and swiftly close the deal. When we present you with an offer, we are equipped with the necessary cash, ready to proceed without delay.

    No, there is no obligation to accept our cash offer. If you don’t like the offer, we can negotiate or part ways amicably. 

    At Empowered Equity, we specialize in purchasing various types of commercial land, regardless of its condition, and we acquire properties “As Is.” Whether your land is overgrown, cluttered with old trees, has broken water pipes, or is simply abandoned, there’s no requirement for you to invest in costly renovations or landscaping. 

    Our team will visit your property, assess its current condition, and provide you with an offer that includes our estimated expenses to improve the land. You can trust that we’ll consider the necessary improvements in our offer, allowing you to sell your land without the burden of additional expenses.

    Based in Texas, we buy land across the state. However, if you have commercial land outside of Texas and find yourself thinking, “I need to sell my land fast,” feel free to contact our team. We are happy to schedule a time and review your property. 

    No, we never charge any hidden fees or commissions. When you sell land to Empowered Equity, we buy it directly from you. You never have to worry about annoying fees or any last-minute payments. 

    When we make a cash offer, that is the amount you receive on closing day.

    Typically, we complete the transaction process in under 30 days. However, our team of buyers is ready to help you on your timeline. If you need to close faster, we can work to close when you need to. 

    Ready to See Your Offer?

    Sell your land quickly and easily by partnering with our team. When you request an offer, there’s no obligation to accept. Our goal is to provide a fair, honest valuation of your property. 

    If you like the quote, we work on your timeline to close the deal and put cash in your pockets! Start the process today by calling 832-930-1624 or filling out our form.