Sell Commercial Real Estate Fast

Do you need to sell commercial real estate fast? When you don’t have time for the average realtor’s cycle, call Empowered Equity. Our commercial real estate buyers are ready to make a cash offer on your property.

    Sell Your Commercial Property FAST, Without a Realtor

    If you need to sell your commercial property FAST, Empowered Equity is ready to put cash in your hands with a simple, straightforward process. No matter your reason to sell your property, our team is ready to help you.

    At Empowered Equity, we work with business owners who are…

    • Ready to retire
    • In a tough financial situation
    • Ready to reinvest in a new venture
    • Tired of bad tenants
    • Facing foreclosure
    • Relocating to a new property
    • Downsizing
    • Closing

    When you partner with our team, we make a cash offer on your property in its current condition. That means you never have to worry about repairs on your own. Moreover, we have no extra fees or listing costs.

    If you are ready to sell your property, call us today for a no-obligation cash offer on your commercial property!

    sell your commercial property for cash

    Commercial Properties We Buy

    When we buy commercial property, we purchase a broad range of buildings and land. Don’t see your building type below? Give us a call and tell us a little more about your property.
    We are ready to make an offer on an array of commercial apartment buildings and multi-family complexes. Whether you have lofts, townhouses, duplexes, mid-rises, or more, our team is ready to learn more about your property. Contact us for a cash offer today!
    At Empowered Equity, we pay cash for shopping centers and retail stores. From strip centers and neighborhood stores to outlets and more, we want to hear from you.
    If you need to sell your gas station or convenience store, our commercial real estate buyers are ready to make an offer. From busy roads to urban areas, see your cash offer when you contact our team.

    Office Buildings

    Whether you need to close your business or relocate to a new building, we buy office buildings of all kinds. If you need to sell your office building fast, we are ready to make offers on Class A, B, or C properties.
    Do you have a warehouse or industrial building to sell? Our appraisers are ready to make an offer! From bulk warehouses and assembly buildings to development facilities, call us for a cash offer on your property.
    Whether it’s time to retire or you’re facing financial hardship, we buy motels and hotels in Houston, TX, and beyond. When you need to sell commercial real estate fast, trust in the experience and expertise of our buyers.

    How It Works

    When you need to sell your building or development, we make the process as simple as possible.

    Send Us Your Info

    Contact our team by phone or form and tell us a little about your property.

    Set an Appointment

    We do some research and meet you at the property to see it for ourselves.

    Get Paid

    We make an offer on your property. If you like the offer, we move on your timeline.

    Selling Commercial Property FAQ

    Selling commercial property is never an easy decision. At Empowered Equity Commercial Investments, we are local business owners who work in the Greater Houston Area and the Texas Gulf Coast area. 

    As a commercial real estate investment firm in Houston, we look beyond the numbers. Every client we work with is part of our community and a valued neighbor. No matter your reason for selling your property, we treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve. 

    Moreover, we provide responsive customer service throughout the process so that you gain confidence and peace of mind in your decision to sell to us. 

    Call our buyers today to learn more about our process and tell us about your property. After some research, we schedule a time to visit the property and see it ourselves. Then, we put together a cash offer and contact you with our proposal. 

    If you accept the offer, we work with you through the title and closing process. Often, this flows smoothly, and we are able to close on your schedule. 

    Not at all, it’s hard enough to figure out how to sell commercial real estate quickly. When the condition isn’t great, the traditional process becomes much more difficult. Luckily, we buy properties in “as-is” condition. 

    That means that we bear the burdens of any and all repairs. Moreover, it means you can sell quickly without the headache of making expensive repairs yourself. 

    If you’re selling commercial real estate off-market, there’s no need to hire a realtor. In fact, working with a realtor can often bring more hassle than it’s worth.

    Realtors usually prefer to list your property on various marketplaces, a process that can consume weeks or even months of your time.

    Instead, if you want to sell your off-market commercial properties quickly and efficiently, simply reach out to us today.

    Commercial real estate investors engage in the buying and selling of commercial properties using cash transactions. By relying on cash, these investors can offer immediate financial support to property owners.

    Furthermore, working with a commercial real estate investor can be advantageous for sellers as we can provide solutions to potential property issues that may pose significant challenges. For instance, commercial investors specialize in buying distressed properties from owners who are unable to make repairs or attract commercial property buyers.

    We Buy Commercial Real Estate Across Texas

    Empowered Equity is a Houston-based commercial real estate investment firm. We focus on helping business owners who find selling commercial real estate to be a daunting task. Our goal is to make the process simple and accessible. 

    We use a data-driven approach to evaluate potential acquisitions and have a deep industry network for accessing off-market deals. With a focus on transparency and accountability, Empowered Equity has a proven track record of success in helping business owners find an easy solution to their commercial real estate woes.

    Need to Sell Commercial Real Estate Fast?

    Get a cash offer quickly when you reach out to our team of commercial property buyers. At Empowered Equity, we pay CASH for commercial property. With no repairs necessary, no hidden fees, and no realtors, we make the process simple and smooth.

    If you’re ready to sell, we can close in as little as seven days. Call our team today or submit your information through our contact form for a FREE, no-obligation quote on your commercial property.