Sell Your Strip Center for Cash

Ready to sell your strip center for cash? Get an offer from our commercial property buyers in Texas! With a simple process, we make selling as easy as 1-2-3. 

    We Buy Strip Centers, Malls, Department Stores, & More

    If you need to sell your retail space fast, our buyers are here to make an offer! At Empowered Equity, our commercial real estate buyers understand that people have many reasons to sell. That’s why we treat every client with the respect they deserve, no matter their reason. 

    When we buy strip centers, we work with property owners who are… 

    • Ready to retire
    • Working through a bad financial period 
    • Eager to reinvest in a new project
    • Exhausted by bad renters 
    • Moving to a new area 
    • Trying to conserve funds 
    • Avoiding foreclosure 
    • Closing shop for any other reason

    When you partner with our commercial buyers, we do our research and schedule a chance to visit the property. If we like the property, we make a cash offer – even when it’s in poor condition. Our clients never have to concern themselves with repairs, fees, or commissions. 

    Is it time to sell your commercial property? Contact our team today to sell your strip center for cash!

    Do You Need to Sell Your Shopping Center Fast?

    At Empowered Equity Commercial Investments, we buy retail buildings throughout the Greater Houston Area. If you find yourself in a tough situation and need to sell your strip center fast, you don’t have the time to wait for traditional buyers. 

    Alternatively, perhaps you want to free up some funds from a strip mall to pursue a new investment. Regardless of your reason to sell, our commercial real estate buyers act quickly to provide a cash offer on your property. 

    Backed by years of experience, our strength lies in our buying power. Moreover, our goal is to ensure you can sell your mall fast without hassle. When we buy strip malls, you never have to waste your time with expensive repairs or time-consuming viewings. 

    As commercial real estate buyers, we purchase retail properties across a range of sizes, conditions, and types. Plus, you never have to worry about fees. The offer we make is the cash you receive. 

    Easy as 1-2-3!

    Trust our team to make the selling process quick and simple. From your free property valuation to the no-obligation cash offer, you never have to worry or wait. If you accept the offer, we close on your schedule. 

    Send Us Your Info

    Contact our team by phone or form and tell us a little about your property.

    Set an Appointment

    We do some research and meet you at the property to see it for ourselves.

    Get a Cash Offer

    We make a cash offer on your property. If you like the offer, we move on your timeline.

    Sell Your Strip Center for Cash FAQ

    Not sure whether you want to sell your strip center for cash? Below, we provide a few answers to some common questions. If you want to learn more about our retail property buyers, feel free to reach out with your own concerns. 

    Yes, when we make a cash offer, we buy retail property exactly as it is in that moment. That means there’s no need for you to spruce up the property or make expensive repairs. As professional retail property buyers, we understand the potential issues with commercial property. 

    We take our future repairs into account prior to making an offer. When you do business with our team, you receive a competitive, fair offer. 

    Curious about the value of your strip mall? Call our team to learn more!

    Typically, we strive to provide a no-obligation cash offer about 72 hours or so after we visit the property and assess any relevant documentation. When the situation permits, we try to make offers as soon as possible. 

    When you decide to sell your strip center for cash, you avoid a lot of the problems with traditional sales. Often, the traditional real estate market requires a lot of time, effort, and funds. All that simply goes into finding potential buyers, not ensuring a sale. 

    Here are a few examples of why property owners choose to partner with our team. 

    • Skip the upgrades and repairs that cut into your profits from the sale. 
    • You only have to show the property to us once instead of a stream of buyers who waste your time. 
    • Avoid paying fees to an agent who cuts into your payout. 
    • Shorten the process by cutting out the “due diligence” period of inspections and repairs. 
    • Know quickly whether or not we want to buy the property. 
    • Avoid the stress of waiting on bankers to approve loans and mortgages only for the potential buyer to get rejected. 
    • Keep the money you’d spend on property taxes and utilities throughout the selling period. 

    When you choose to sell your strip center for cash, our goal is to work quickly. Moreover, we want to help ease the stress and fund-draining that comes from a burdensome property. Let us help you save time and money when we buy your retail space. 

    Yes, if we want to buy your property, we send you a cash offer for your strip mall, shopping center, or department store. Often, we cut the waiting period down to days because we don’t have to wait on banks to provide funding. 

    By partnering with private investors, we are able to close quickly and purchase your retail property. Luckily, that means you never have to worry about failed applications. With Empowered Equity, you gain the peace of mind that our deal won’t fall through. 

    Once we set a closing date, we pay the full amount in cash through the title company, who transfers the funds to you.

    Ready to Sell? Get Your Cash Offer Quick!

    As retail property buyers, we aim to provide a fair cash offer on your property. If you need to sell your strip center for cash quickly, trust in the team at Empowered Equity. With our quick and easy process, we help you save time and money. 

    Contact our team of buyers today for a quick consultation!