best ways to sell commercial property

3 Best Ways to Sell Commercial Real Estate

Some of the best ways to sell commercial real estate are the simplest. But, often, these sales involve large sums of money. Moreover, local, state and federal governments try to collect taxes whenever possible. So, consider your goals to gain the maximum benefits from selling your property. 

  • Is the property a money pit? You may want a fast cash offer to pay off debts. 
  • Do you want to reinvest in a different property? 
  • Is retirement on the horizon? It may be time to cash out and invest in your future. 

An accountant can help you map out and manage your plan and profits. However, it’s crucial to weigh your options if you need a quick cash offer. 

#1 Work with a Broker

A broker is a licensed real estate agent who specializes in commercial property. They help clients buy, lease, or sell properties. Generally, they have real estate or finance degrees to inform their processes. 

One of the main challenges in commercial real estate sales is the accurate valuation of properties. Therefore, commercial brokers should have firsthand knowledge of your market. 

Additionally, they should know what similar properties sell for across the Greater Houston Area. This knowledge helps you set an asking price that isn’t under the property’s value. 

#2 Sale By Owner

Private sales allow property owners to pocket more money. You can save roughly 4-8% of the profits without a broker. 

If you already know a potential buyer, a sale by the owner is a great choice. For instance, one landlord might know another operating in the same area. That other landlord might ask them to reach out whenever they decide to sell. That familiarity makes the process as simple as a phone call. 

Unfortunately, commercial property sales aren’t that simple. What you don’t know has the potential to hurt you. Seemingly small mistakes can wind up costing you what you hoped to save. 

#3 Sell to a Cash Buyer

Commercial real estate cash buyers are one of the best ways to sell commercial real estate quickly. They often form companies that buy properties for cash with a straightforward process. However, they must have quick access to large sums of money to do business. 

When property owners want to sell fast, cash buyers are an excellent option if no buyer is hovering nearby. Additionally, investors often buy properties needing repair and handle those costs themselves.

Ready to Sell? 

Now that you know some of the best ways to sell commercial real estate, you have a clearer idea of your options. As you think through your decision, it’s essential to know that Empowered Equity makes no-obligation cash offers. If you want to know the potential value of your property, contact our team today. 

Like the offer? We can move forward. If you want to look for a different option, we part ways with no hard feelings. At Empowered Equity Commercial Investments, we believe in treating people with dignity and respect. 

To learn more about our process, contact our team today.