Sell Your Bar or Pub for Cash

Sell us your bar for cash in ANY condition. When we buy a bar, we buy it directly from you. You never have to wait for a lengthy sales process. 

If you need to sell your bar fast, contact our buyers today. Request a cash offer on your pub today!

    How to Sell Your Bar Easily

    Selling a bar is a complex task that requires significant effort from bar owners. It involves numerous time-consuming steps, although the specific details may vary for each business. Nevertheless, there are fundamental aspects that remain consistent. 

    However, the process doesn’t have to consume your life. Want to know how to sell a bar easily? Work with Empowered Equity!

    When we buy a bar, we work with the owner and have no middleman involved. That allows us to expedite the process to make it short and simple, with almost no effort on your part. 

    How does it work? We follow a straightforward, transparent process.

    How It Works

    We leverage years of experience to provide an efficient process!

    Send Us Your Info

    Contact our team by phone or form and tell us a little about your bar or pub.

    Set an Appointment

    We research your property and meet you at the bar or pub to see it for ourselves.

    Get Paid

    We make an offer on your property. If you like the offer, we buy the bar directly from you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We value all types of properties, regardless of their size. Whether you have a spacious and grand bar or a cozy and intimate bistro, we want to hear all the details. Once you provide us with the necessary information, we get in touch with you to discuss and finalize a deal.

    Following a visit to your property and conducting a comprehensive review of all the necessary paperwork, we typically require approximately 72 hours or 3 days to present you with a cash offer for your consideration. However, it is worth noting that there are instances where owners receive an offer during the initial appointment itself.

    When we buy a bar, we explore a wide range of commercial buildings. We are open to purchasing various establishments, such as the wine bar you have been considering selling to secure immediate cash or the intimate bistro you wish to liquidate in order to reinvest in another commercial property. Whether it’s a sports bar, pub, restaurant, or any similar establishment, we are willing to consider buying it, regardless of its condition.

    If you want to know how to sell a bar without a real estate agent, partnering with Empowered Equity is a great choice. As an established commercial real estate investing company, you can rely on us to handle the process efficiently and purchase your bar quickly for cash.

    We understand the challenges and complexities that can arise when managing FSBO sales. Our goal is to simplify the process for you, eliminating the complications that come with selling your bar independently or through a broker. Sell your bar to us online, and benefit from our prompt, obligation-free cash offer. This will enable you to achieve a win-win situation and access the funds you need without delay.

    Once you accept our fair cash offer, we provide you with a purchase contract. After you sign the contract, we work together to schedule a closing date that suits both parties’ convenience. In most cases, we are able to deliver the money to the designated title company within 72 hours.

    The title company, responsible for overseeing the closing process, facilitates the direct transfer of funds to your account on the agreed-upon closing day. Typically, this occurs within 30 days of signing the purchase agreement, adhering to standard procedures.

    Selling your bar through traditional methods often comes with numerous legal and financial responsibilities, demanding significant investments of time and effort. These responsibilities include:

    • Preparing your bar for sale, including costly repairs, to enhance its appeal to potential buyers.
    • Engaging an appraiser and incurring expenses for marketing and other out-of-pocket costs before receiving any funds.
    • Conducting multiple viewings to accommodate various prospective buyers.
    • Enduring the stress of waiting for a suitable buyer to emerge.
    • Enduring potential delays if the buyer’s commercial mortgage application fails and having to restart the process.
    • Managing ongoing property taxes and utility bills until a buyer is secured.

    By partnering with Empowered Equity instead of a broker, you benefit from a fast transaction and a sale that can be completed within weeks or even days. You’ll receive cash promptly, avoiding the hassle of wasting time and incurring expenses for repairs and other out-of-pocket costs.

    No, we never force offers upon our clients. When you receive a cash offer from our team, there are no obligations on your part. If you decline, we may reach out with another offer, but we ultimately respect your decision. 

    As a Texas-based commercial property buyer, Empowered Equity operates throughout the state. If you want to sell your bar fast, we are happy to make an offer. 

    Do you need to sell a bistro or bar outside of Texas? Feel free to reach out! We’ll evaluate your property and see whether we are able to send you a cash offer.

    No need! We are prepared to purchase your bar for cash, regardless of its current condition. We are willing to buy your property “as is.” That includes taking responsibility for any existing damage, outstanding loans, and contracts associated with the building. 

    You avoid the need to spend money on costly repairs. All we ask is that you provide us with full disclosure regarding the property’s condition. After considering our estimated expenses for repairing the bar, we present you with a cash offer.

    Typically, we can finalize a deal within a maximum of 30 days. If you have specific deadlines to meet or any outstanding debts associated with the property, we are here to assist you in making the necessary arrangements. Our offer encompasses resolving any outstanding issues with the bank or addressing tax concerns with local tax authorities. 

    We aim to provide a comprehensive solution that ensures a smooth transaction for you.

    Rest assured that we never saddle you with commission fees, extra charges, or hidden expenses. When you choose to do business with us, we uphold our commitment to the agreed cash offer without any deductions or commissions involved in the transaction. On the closing day, you receive the exact amount offered to you, providing you with transparency and peace of mind throughout the process.

    We Buy Bars Throughout Texas

    As a company specializing in commercial real estate, we operate across the entire state of Texas. No matter where your bar is located in Texas, we want to buy it from you. However, it’s worth mentioning that we also engage in transactions in other regions. Therefore, if you happen to own a bar outside of Texas and want an urgent sale, we would love to evaluate and explore the opportunity.

    Ready to Sell Your Bar for Cash?

    Looking to sell your bar quickly without the hassles of a lengthy traditional property sale? Empowered Equity is the ideal choice. As a leading firm for off-market commercial properties, our cash buyers are ready to help you maximize the value of your property.

    We purchase bars as is, regardless of their condition. You can rely on us to conduct a fair evaluation of your property, considering all potential risks and expenses. There’s no need to worry about costly repairs. 

    For those seeking a fast and reliable property transaction, we are the perfect partner. We collaborate with reputable investors actively seeking lucrative commercial investment opportunities. If you’re looking to sell your bar quickly, we’ll expedite the process. With us, you’ll experience a prompt sale at a fair price.