Commercial Real Estate Appraisers

While we aren’t official commercial real estate appraisers, we have years of experience in the field. We use our experience and expertise to evaluate your property, do research, and offer you a quote. 

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    Do You Need an Appraisal?

    Commercial property appraisal companies are vital for business owners and real estate investors. For example, investors often need a loan approved fast when they want to buy a property. Generally, they hire an appraiser in their area to deliver a quick report and receive a loan more quickly.

    Often, people hire appraisal companies to work with direct lenders and mortgage brokers. At the core of each relationship is an accurate appraisal of the investment. Finding a real estate appraiser who understands your situation can be challenging.

    What Appraisers Do

    When you hire an appraisal company, their team provides a value estimation for your commercial property. The properties they cover a range from farms and offices to warehouses and hotels.

    A commercial real estate appraiser’s job is determining a property’s value. Then, they help sellers find a reasonable asking price for the building while ensuring a buyer doesn’t pay too much. This valuation provides an unbiased value estimation and a review of significant property issues that impact the price.

    We take the middleman out of the process. Instead, when you partner with our team, we review the property to determine a reasonable, fair offer to buy your property.

    Appraising the Value of a Property

    Appraisers use a variety of methods that vary with the type of property. For instance, determining the value of a large piece of land requires different skills compared to a smaller office building. Still, three core considerations go into an appraisal.

    • Cost Approach
    • Sales Comparison
    • Income

    Typically, these approaches compare similar properties in the area – the value, recent sales, and the potential income of the next business. Ultimately, the goal is to find a sale price that makes sense on both sides.

    That is the same goal of Empowered Equity. When we make a cash offer, we want to find a price on which everyone can agree.

    Are You Ready to Sell?

    If you want to skip the lengthy sale cycle of the traditional real estate method, call on the team of buyers at Empowered Equity. While we aren’t commercial real estate appraisers, we have the experience and expertise to determine a property’s value.

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