Sell Your Apartment Complex

If you need to sell your apartment complex, no matter the reason, we buy multi-family apartments with a fair cash offer. Whether you face foreclosure, difficult tenants, or expensive repairs, Empowered Equity is here to help! 

Contact our property buyers today for a cash offer on your building.

    We Buy Apartment Buildings

    At Empowered Equity Commercial Investments, we buy apartment buildings from property owners who need a quick, simple alternative to selling on the market. As professional real estate buyers, we purchase apartment complexes across a broad price range. Moreover, we buy property in any condition, with no repairs required. 

    When you reach out to our team of buyers, we schedule an appointment to visit the property, and within days, we make a no-obligation cash offer on your property. From the Greater Houston Area to Galveston County and everywhere in between, we are ready to help you sell your apartment complex fast. 

    Our goal is to make the entire process quick and simple. To do so, we remove the major hassles often associated with selling an apartment complex. When you partner with our buyers, we want you to walk away with cash in hand, confident in your decision to sell.

    Sell Your Apartment Building Fast for These Benefits

    When you opt for the traditional method of listing your building on the real estate market, it requires time and money. Here are the burdens we help you avoid. 

    • Expensive renovations, repairs, and improvements to make the property more desirable
    • Walking dozens of strangers through your property
    • Paying thousands in commissions to a realtor 
    • The potential of the property sitting on the market
    • Having a sale fall through because the buyer cannot acquire a loan

    At Empowered Equity, we remove these hassles and costs. When you contact our team, we do research on the property and schedule a visit. If we like the property, we make a fair cash offer and close on your time. 

    When we buy apartment buildings, there are no commissions, no showings, and no repairs to prepare for. So, are you ready to sell your apartment complex fast? Contact our buyers today!

    Apartment Complex FAQ

    When we buy apartment buildings, we make the process as simple as possible. However, we know that property owners have questions. Below, we provide some clarity about how we work. 

    Still have questions? Contact our buyers to see if Empowered Equity is a good fit. 

    No, we do not require any fees or commissions. When you sell your apartment complex to us, there are no major, unexpected expenses for you. 

    At Empowered Equity, we partner with trusted private lenders who supply the funds to purchase and fix buildings. When we buy apartment buildings, we never have to worry about loan approval falling through. Because these lenders are not traditional banks, we have the ability to close quickly. 

    Moreover, our lenders are our partners, meaning we have a relationship built on confidence and trust. Therefore, we have no need for an extensive process with multiple inspections, appraisals, etc. This allows us to work with you on a convenient closing timeline. 

    Once they provide us with the funds, we pay the sale price to the title company handling that closing. Then, they transfer the money to your account. 

    Ready to sell your apartment complex fast? Get a fair cash offer on your property today.

    No, we buy your apartment complex as-is, no matter the condition. We understand that you need to sell your apartment building fast, so even when it needs costly repairs, we are prepared to make an offer. 

    As professional property buyers, we know how to assess the value of the complex as well as the costs associated with renovations and repairs. Moreover, our offer to buy is not contingent on the results of an inspection. 

    Easy as 1-2-3!

    “I need to sell my complex quickly!” Our process is quick and simple!

    Send Us Your Info

    Contact our team by phone or form and tell us a little about your property.

    Set an Appointment

    We do some research and meet you at the property to see it for ourselves.

    Get a Cash Offer

    We make a cash offer on your property. If you like the offer, we move on your timeline.

    Ready to Sell? Get a Cash Offer for Your Complex!

    When you need to sell your multi-family complex fast, contact our buyers for a fair cash offer. Our goal is to make the process as smooth as possible for you. Since we source our funds from private lenders, we are able to close on your timeline. 

    If you don’t have time to sell through the traditional methods, a cash offer might be perfect for you. At Empowered Equity, we remove the middleman so that you deal directly with us at all times. 

    Ready to sell your apartment building? Get your cash offer today!