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We buy commercial property in Houston with a simple, hassle-free process. When you need to sell your building quickly, we provide an effective, efficient solution. 

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    Commercial Property FAQ

    Empowered Equity is a leading commercial real estate investment firm dedicated to providing a transformative experience for property owners. Our mission is to empower you with fair cash offers and expedited closings, all while delivering exceptional customer service every step of the way.

    We understand the importance of a timely and fair transaction when it comes to selling your commercial property. Unlike many other firms, we prioritize your needs by offering a swift and transparent cash offer. Our team of seasoned professionals combines expertise in real estate investment with a commitment to ethical business practices, ensuring that you receive the most equitable deal possible.

    We take pride in our responsive and personalized approach to customer service. From the moment you engage with Empowered Equity, you can expect our dedicated team to be readily available to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. We recognize that selling a commercial property can be a complex process, and we aim to simplify it for you, providing guidance and support throughout the entire transaction.

    With our buyers, you can trust that your interests are our top priority. We work diligently to ensure that you receive a fair cash offer for your commercial property while offering the efficiency of a fast closing. Our streamlined process allows you to move forward with your financial goals, whether it involves reinvesting in new ventures or addressing other pressing needs.

    Experience the difference with Empowered Equity, and let us empower you with our commitment to fairness, transparency, and exceptional customer service. Contact us today to discover how we can assist you in achieving your commercial real estate goals.

    Contact us today, and we will visit your commercial property as soon as possible. Upon assessing your property, we prepare a cash offer for you within the following 72 hours. Once you accept the offer, we will expedite the title opening process and schedule the closing within a few days.

    Certainly! We can consolidate all your real estate properties into a single sale. As a result, you will receive a lump sum cash offer for your combined properties.

    Absolutely not! We strive to ensure a smooth, streamlined experience for our clients. You have two options to initiate the process: visit our website and request a cash offer, or contact us directly by phone to speak confidentially with one of our dedicated buyers. Rest assured, we are here to guide you through every step of the process.

    Unlike a traditional real estate broker or agent who lists your office building and relies on potential buyers to show interest, Empowered Equity takes a different approach. We provide a swift solution by presenting you with a cash offer within 72 hours! If you’re looking to sell your commercial property expeditiously, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

    The purchase process can vary in duration, typically ranging from one week to potentially longer. At Empowered Equity, we prioritize understanding your individual circumstances to establish a sales timeline that aligns with your specific needs.

    Rest assured, there are no commission rates or hidden fees involved when working with us. At Empowered Equity, the cash offer presented to you is the exact amount you will receive, allowing you to walk away without any deductions or additional charges.

    Once you accept our offer, we will promptly send you a contract, initiate the title opening process, and schedule a closing date without delay. On the designated closing date, you can expect to receive prompt payment for your property.

    We offer two convenient options for you to choose from. You can either submit an online cash offer form with your contact information and the property’s address, or you can call us directly to provide the required details. 

    Don’t wait any longer! Reach out to us now, and we will quickly prepare an offer for you within the next 72 hours.

    Empowered Equity carefully considers various factors when determining the value of your commercial property, such as the following

    • its location
    • required repairs
    • building age and condition
    • the value of comparable properties in the area
    • county appraisal values
    • other relevant information. 

    When we present you with an offer, we will provide a transparent breakdown of how we arrived at the value of your commercial property.

    Absolutely, there’s no need for concern. At Empowered Equity, we offer two options to address your mortgage situation. We can either take over your mortgage payments, providing you with relief from the financial burden, or we can completely pay off your loan at the time of closing, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transaction.

    Absolutely! At Empowered Equity, we are committed to finding solutions for our clients, no matter the circumstances. Our goal is to provide you with a financial opportunity that helps you move forward, regardless of the situation. 

    Even if your property is in foreclosure, we are still interested in purchasing it, ensuring that you can walk away with some cash in hand.

    Of course, you still receive cash when we buy your property. At Empowered Equity, we buy commercial property regardless of any outstanding debts. Our goal is to help you sell the property fast.

    In turn, hopefully, you receive some cash to move forward with. Ultimately, this depends on how much you owe and the amount we are able to offer on the property.

    It’s possible. We work with property owners in a wide range of situations when it comes to the sale of commercial property. In this case, we can reach out to the lien holder or tax authority and see whether it’s possible to resolve your debt. 

    Once we clear this issue on the title, we can buy your commercial property. 

    No, we buy commercial property in “as-is” condition. That means that we bear the burden of the property repairs. In turn, you have the option to sell quickly and rid yourself of a drain on your profits. 

    No, condemned property is no issue for us. We are ready to take that condemned commercial real estate off of your hands. At Empowered Equity, we buy commercial property in any condition. 

    If you have commercial real estate draining your finances, we can work out issues with the city after the transaction. Let us take on that burden as you release the weight from your shoulders. 

    No, you don’t have to worry about anything. Similar to a building in need of repair, a commercial property with a code violation is not an issue for Empowered Equity. We strive to resolve those problems so that you don’t have to. 

    Experience The Difference

    We understand the issues that small business owners face. When times are tough, you have to make crucial decisions. As small business owners ourselves, we know how overwhelming that can be.
    That’s why we focus on providing a simple, straightforward solution. When you partner with our firm, we give you a transparent, clear offer without strings attached. If you like the offer, all you have to do is accept, and we will work with you to find a closing date that makes sense for everyone.
    Don’t like the offer? That’s no problem! We part ways with no hard feelings.
    Business owners work with our team because we buy commercial property in Houston, Texas, with no obligations, no hidden fees, and no strings. With a transparent process, we make the decision as easy as possible.
    When you need to sell your commercial property fast, trust in the team at Empowered Equity.

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    Who We Help

    When we buy commercial property, we help business owners deal with tough situations. If you need to sell your commercial property fast, you likely don’t have time to wait on a lengthy sales process. As small business owners ourselves, we understand the challenge.

    There are many reasons people need to sell a property quickly. No matter why you need to sell your property, we treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve. We offer a simple solution when you need to sell a building quickly.

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    As commercial real estate buyers, we have the experience and expertise to offer you a simple solution. We are top buyers of commercial properties in Houston, Texas, and beyond. So let us provide a fair cash offer for your property today.

    Our commercial real estate experience makes appraisals and sales easy and quick.